Hazratganj happensto be the premier shopping destination of the city ,boasting of various old and established outlets as well as the the latest brand showrooms.
Hazratganj has been famous for its ambience since the british times and a walk along the 'love lane' being the favourite past time/leisure activity for the city dwellers.
The new face-lift given to the area,with a uniform color scheme,light lamps and a multi level parking site shall give a memorable experience to the visitor.

Timings: most of the shops close on Sunday Map it


Arguably the largest market area of the city and place for getting almost everything and anything. Located in the centre of the city ,it is a haven for both wholesale and retail buying,specially those with the talent for bargaining.
This place is constantly buzzing with activity always.

Timings: most of the shops close on Thursday Map it


The old city marketplace, which still retains its importance in the city is the must-go-to place for those interested in the old world charm .This place is filled with connossiuers of items like chikan, ittar(scent). People ready to spend some time here ,would appreciate the experience much more. Timings: :most of the shops close on Thursday Map it


Not as old as the other bazaars, but a very popular destination for the folk living in western part of the city . Everything is available but special preference to apparel and jewellery shops. Map it



-It is known for its ethnic footwear and bamboo-artefact market. Map it

Naka Hindola

- It is home to city's dedicated electronics market including mobile phones,components,wires,cables etc.
most of the shops close on Thursday Map it

Naza Market

- it is the go-to place for all needs related to computer peripherals.
most of the shops close on Sunday Map it


Weekly bazaars hold an important place in the shopping culture of Lucknow.Mainly targeted at the lower middle class,almost everything under the sun - apparels,utensils,eatables etc.is available for sale. These create an ambience of a 'Mela'(fair/carnival) ,only that they are weekly and purely commercial in nature.

Nakhas (Chowk)

Map it


Map it

Gol Market (Mahanagar)

Map it


Map it

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