Siege of Cawnpore(Kanpur)

 Siege of Cawnpore(Kanpur
The Second Battle of Cawnpore was an important battle of First War of Independence of 1857 during which 900 Britishers were besieged in the fortifications for 22 days by Indian soldiers under Nana Sahib Peshwa.

4th All India Cotton Summit

The 4th All India Cotton Summit was held at Kanpur in 1947. Kanpur in those days was a major textile hub of the country, Various issues related to the textile industry were discussed , especially the fact as to how to develop the industry after independence and the trasition of ownership of many mills from British to Indian hands.

'Kanpur Conspiracy Case' (1924)

One of the most prominent cases in the British period relating to conspiracy to wage war was that of Manabendra Nath Roy Vs. Emperor. The other accused were Nalini Bhushan Das Gupta, Mohd. Shaukat Usmani, Muzaffar Ahmad and Sripat Amrit Dange. All were charged under Section 121-A i.e. conspiracy to wage war, and were sentenced to four years of rigorous imprisonment on 20th May 1924. Roy was the principal accused but could not be arrested as he was away in Europe being one of the important members of Presidium of the Communist International. This case signifies the initial growth period of Marxism in India and role of Kanpur in it. It is no surprise then, that the following year in 1925 , the 1st All India Communist Conference was held at Kanpur. The 'Kanpur conspiracy case' was argued on behalf of M.N. Roy by Shri K.N. Katju, grandfather of Justice Markandey Katju, now Chairman, Press Council of India.

First Indian Communist Conference

The first Indian Communist conference was held on 26-28 December 1925 at Kanpur . The conference was aimed at creating the first central committee of the C.P.I and framing its first constitution. The resolution says - "This conference of the Indian communist resolves that a party be formed for the purpose of the emancipation of the workers and peasants of India. This party shall be known as the communist party of India and the ultimate aim of the party shall be the establishment of a republican swaraj of workers and peasants."

India's first Test win over Australia

India's first Test win over Australia in December 1959 came at the Green Park ,Kanpur. It was also the first match to be played on a turf wicket here. Off- Jasubhai Patel's 14 wickets were the major highlight.

Subhash Gupte took nine wickets in an inning

Subhash Gupte
In 1958/59 Subhash Gupte took nine wickets in an inning against West Indies at Kanpur for 102 runs. Lance Gibbs - the only batsman he missed, was dropped by wicket keeper Naren Tamhane.

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